Our Products

Nuvege products have a less bitter taste and softer leaves than other vegetable products that have been grown outdoors. They have a unique freshness and are filled with the natural organic moisture that comes from having been hydroponically cultivated. As such, whether used for salads or sandwiches in which greens are the main ingredient, they are soft and odorless unlike other lower quality lettuce products.

Among Nuvege’s many goals and chief concerns is to provide proper nourishment and food sources for the children of the world. Shinji Inada, the founder of Nuvege, along with our esteemed technology experts and staff, strongly believe that children of all ages will always prefer the flavor and texture of our hydroponically grown Nuvege lettuces, their fresh taste and lack of bitterness, over other conventional products.

The satisfaction expressed by our clients and their strong support for our plans for international expansion has only reinforced our belief that Nuvege is – “a technology designed to feed the world.”

General Nutritional Information
A current study review in the British Medical Journal now indicates that a daily serving of leafy green vegetables may lower the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by as much as 14 %. Polyphenols in leafy green vegetables may help ward off the oxidative stress that can lead to diabetes and other chronic diseases (Men’s Health, United Sates, December, 2010).