Why is the Nuvege technology so significant?

The world’s food supply is now constantly at risk. The high volume of food products required to feed the world’s population has dramatically compelled a need to take any short cut possible to ensure that production levels remain high – at whatever the cost.

As a result, the increased amount of climatic shifts, sudden outbreaks of e-coli, and the common overuse of pesticides, has done little but make our food supply even more vulnerable to disease and production failure. These threats to our food sources have altered and endangered the quality of our food supply everywhere in the world.

In the United States alone, food-borne infections cause over 76 million cases of illness, 325,000 hospitalizations, and as many as 5,000 deaths a year (Chemical Engineering News, January 15, 2007). These striking figures have led to an alarming increase in the use of irradiation of our food, often killing off the very nutrients our food is intended to provide.

Until now, due to these facts, even the financial investment markets in commodities and agricultural futures have become risky.

But there is an answer.

Nuvege’s innovative hydroponic technology is unlikeany other conventional hydroponic system that exists today. Nuvege’s proprietary lighting network (NLN) uniquely increases the yield rate of vegetable growth by equalizing light emissions that also advance photosynthesis through increased levels of carbon dioxide. Our lettuce products, grown in our protected “Vertical Farming Environments” with our patented technology, are unaffected by erratic weather, climatic events, bacterial disease, and remain unthreatened by contaminants of any kind.

The result is a form of extraordinarily healthy, organic produce that is unmatched anywhere in the world for its quality and content.

Nuvege - is the healthy, sustainable business model for the future of the world’s food supply.